DID YOU KNOW that most students from Rutherford and Polk counties can attend Isothermal at little to no cost? In fact, more than 97 percent of all Isothermal students were awarded some form of financial aid during the past academic year.

The Powers Promise was established in memory of Lee L. Powers, a community leader who served on the steering committee that formed Isothermal Community College in 1964. He also served on the college’s first Board of Trustees. The program is for residents of Rutherford and Polk counties and can provide tuition after funds from other sources such as Pell Grants are used. In return, the recipient is expected to perform a small number of volunteer community service hours each semester. There is also a Powers Merit Scholarship Program. Many other institutional scholarship programs are also available at Isothermal. Check with the Financial Aid Office at [email protected] or 828-395-4198.

Priority financial aid deadline for Fall 2021 is Thursday, July 29. Call today!